Tuesday, March 23, 2010

(nearly) empty nest

Macha's with my friend W. for socialization and some expert puppy raising. (For now, I'm planning on keeping her. I should sell her, but when I see her, my heart just melts...)

Morrag went to a great home on Sunday, and today Mica went off to rule the roost on a 50 acre farm.

So, it's just me and Musket in the house right now, and he's sleeping quietly at my feet. He needs a working home, although right now, with him dozing calmly while I work, I think he's trying to persuade me otherwise.

It's a great but odd feeling when puppies go off--a feeling of relief as each one ends up with a whole family to take care of them and no longer am I their sole source of training and love and socialization and all the other things puppies need. But also, I will miss each of them somewhat. And I absolutely love to get updates and to know how they are doing. So, all in all, it's a good feeling. But still... so quiet around here!

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