Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dunbar on Practical Application of Behavioral Learning Theory

Knowledge of the research that's been done on learning theory is invaluable, but, as Ian Dunbar points out, humans don't have to train like computers to integrate the latest science--and people are hamstringing their relationships with their dogs when they try.

Dunbar presents some interesting thoughts about using learning theory in real life dog training and communicating with our dogs when we're training--and how the nuances and idiosyncrasies of human speech and gestures can do so much more than a simple click.


Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Nora Picture Post -- Dorkface101

Nora is one of the most fun puppies I've ever had. She imbues every action with glee and enthusiasm yet she is also one of the most affectionate puppies I've ever raised. I keep saying that I have to find a home for her soon or I'll be a goner--I'm more than half in love already. Yesterday's photo session has not helped me out. She's almost 13 weeks now and has moments of grace and loveliness in between the stream of spaz and dorkface.

Nora makes excellent use of her floppy ears to explore the various permutations of puppy dorkface, omgcuteness, and spaztasticness.


Beginner Dorkface

Now, at 13 weeks, she's begun perfecting her expressions and even adding other elements such as Action!Dorkface and Dorkface with a Toy.

Dorkface with a tug

Dorkface with special lip distortion and ironical eye contact
An action shot without dorkface
Demonstrating that the ear CAN stand up when she is not seeking dorkfacedness

Look at that ear, reach for dorkface even while focused on the tug

Dorkface with Grandma Nike demonstrating the pro!dorkface maneuver
Nora concentrates hard on her first attempt at pro!dorkface
Testing the pro!dorkface in action
Eyes closed dorkface maneuver
I don't even know
Tug and Dorkface achieved
Joint action!faces with Nemo (right)

Taking a break, but unable to resist a profile dork-squint
This picture just makes me want to hug her.

Just to show that she isn't stuck in perma-dorkface....
Nora and Nemo, 13 weeks
As always, the full album is available on Picasa.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Entertainment!Puppy Strikes Again!

Musket taught himself to use the ladder--after all, it was faster than swimming all the way back to the steps! Entertainment!Puppy strikes again!

Hope you enjoy this crappy iPhone video. :)