Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Herding, HRD, and Healing

Whoa... it's been too long since I've updated. Got caught up in socializing, visiting family, and training! The last 5 weekends, I've either been out of town or had company visiting here. I've done a lot of herding and HRD training and just a wee bit of obedience. Xita tried to cut her toe off on New Year's Day so is wearing a lovely black and red booty to keep her bandage dry. Jubilee ended up not pregnant, much to my dismay.

So, we're hanging out, getting whiplash from Virginia's winter weather that goes from ice and sleet to sub-20 degree temps to flooding rains to sunny and 65 degrees all in the course of a work week.

I'll be breeding Jubilee back when she comes in heat (end of February), and I'm still expecting Xita and Hunter litters this year too.

In the meantime,Hunter's got a thick winter coat and layer of happy chub. Coal has been practicing his emo sighs. Nike's scheming to steal all the toys and bones too. And Ruffian and Flint are keeping up the quality of misbehavior.

Xita's working on heeling healing, Jubilee's working on herding, Macha's had her 2nd birthday and her herding has shown a leap of confidence--she was giving me some super fast downs at full speed and doing figure 8s in the round pen this weekend! Lynx has a bright new orange and reflective vest to help him know when we're doing search work instead of agility, and Oda's trying not to be too evil (she's also blown all her coat and I bet she comes in heat in a week or so!).