Saturday, March 20, 2010

10-Weeks Old--Macha, Musket, Mica, Morrag

The pups turned 10 weeks old yesterday, so today we went and visited a friend so they could explore a new environment and smell new smells and generally have a positive outdoor experience. Mica got out of the car and I swear her ears went up the minute she hopped out of the truck. The puppies were kinda enough to pose for a LOT of pictures, so I figured I'd share.

Macha will be staying with my friend--an experienced puppy raiser--to get super socialized, well-loved, and to get a chance to develop her little self without her siblings. I've got a few people asking about Morrag and Mica, so I hope they will find their new families soon.

Mica and Morrag

Mica and Morrag are very similar in personality. Morrag's turning into a very substantial girl--picking her up is like picking up a brick! Mica seemed to be quite the model today--couldn't take a bad picture of her!

I've had several people inquire about Musket--but he's really quite a drivey and mouthy boy. He needs a working home--he'll drive a pet home nuts--while disassembling their household.... When he's excited or stressed, he vocalizes and loads in drive. At this age, this translates to barking and whining--and tugging on my pants with all his strength. I'm working on channeling this into toys and play. When he's an adult, this drive will be very usable for training and working. I'm hoping he can find a SAR home with someone who knows how to channel this drive productively.

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