Monday, April 1, 2013

German Working Bloodline Info

I'm cleaning out some old files (procrastinating from doing my taxes), and I found this article that I had saved from 1992, The German Shepherd Quarterly, by Nancy Jacobsen. It has some invaluable information on the influential dogs in working bloodlines. And, 21 years later, these dogs are the still the foundation of today's working German Shepherds--these traits are still influential and form the scaffold of our dogs' temperaments and working abilities. (Click to embiggen.)

A scanned PDF is available here:

Harro is seen most often through his son Fado v Karthago, and Fado is seen most often through his sons Task and Troll v Haus Milinda, linebred 2-3 on Fado, and 7,7,6 - 7,8,8,7 on Bernd Lierberg.

Gildo v Koerbelbach is frequently seen through his son Arek v Stoffelblick (also 5-5 on Inka v Itzal). Nick v Heiligenbosch's mother was 2-3 on Gildo (through Arek and Orly Baerenfang) and also brings forward these old lines--5-5 on Racker v Itzal, 6,7-7,7,8,7 on Inka, 5-6,7,6 on Quicke.

One other huge influence in today's working bloodlines is Orry v Haus Antverpa--a grandson of Robby v Glockeneck, he also brings Enno v Bielstein, Greif z Lahntal, Ziggo Bungalow, and Bernd Lierberg in his 5-generation pedigree.

What you don't see mentioned in this article is the powerhouse producer of top producing sons, Fero v Zeuterner Himmelreich--born in 1984, Fero's influence was just starting to be seen in 1992.