Tuesday, February 28, 2012

One Fine Day...

The sun was shining and it was almost 70 degrees in mid-February--the traditional month of gloom and rain and mud. So I decided I needed a dose of sunlight and some more dog pictures. What else!

This is Nemain.... She's a bit of a... umm. Well, she's LOTS OF FUN. She will be 6 months old on Leap Day.

I think she might have a bit of tongue issue. (We don't talk about that in front of her, though--need to keep her self of steam up!)

She likes to express her deep and abiding love for Lynx. 

He does not reciprocate.

Or maybe she just has designs on his Jolly Ball?

Lynx, in the meantime, has Jolly Ball issues...

 He is convinced that everyone wants his Jolly Ball and he is always watchful
 and on guard...

  Wait, how did THIS happen?!?
Xita snags the ball...

You can practically hear the taunts...
Nemi/Oda collision... Lynx keeps his eyes on the ball.
Possession is 99% of happiness...
 Lynx consoles himself with another... smaller... ball. It is not Jolly. :(

 So, I guess he'll just have to stand around and look beautiful.

 He finds that pretty easy, fortunately...

Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Fence Game

Phase 1: Get 1 or more dogs on the inside of the fence and 1 or more dogs on the outside of the fence

Oda (18 months)
Nemi (5 months)
Phase 2: ???

 Phase 3: PROFIT... err, FUN!