Sunday, March 7, 2010

Green Tattoos and Doberfriends

It's been a big week for puppies--on Wednesday they had their first vet visit. The vet declared them all extremely healthy and friendly, and they all got their first shots. They were all between 10 and 12 pounds, so a lot of uniformity in the litter.

Then on Thursday, they turned 8 weeks old and we celebrated with a walk around the property.

Friday, I took the 2 bicolors and Musket to visit a friend and play on her agility field.

Saturday, they all went to see a friend of mine who helped me tattoo them all (hence the green left ears in the following pictures!) then they got to visit with their older half-sister from the K-litter and her 2 doberman buddies.

They also saw strange cats, went in a new house with new scents and flooring, and then they all zonked out in a heap in the middle of the kitchen floor while we ate dinner.

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