Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sooner than later, Ppuppies!

Xita, wider than normal!
Xita has started labor. She's very early in the process--nesting, wanting to go out every 30 minutes, trying to dig a hole in the bottom of the 400 crate. She likes to come over and stare at me intensely, trying very, very, very hard to get me to just UNDERSTAND. Also, I'm not allowed to go too far away.

She popped out her milk yesterday--woke up in the morning and suddenly she had boobs! Full bags.

Sorry for the sunspot! It's bright out there and Xita's not being helpful!

Dad, for the curious, is an awesome dog named Bandit v Wolfsheim. He's Sch3, FH, KK1a, V rated in conformation, and son of one of the top-producing working dogs in Europe. He has his own FB page!

In addition to his good looks and great working ability and strong working-line pedigree, he's got impeccable temperament--neutral and accepting of strangers, no dog aggression, and sound, sound, sound nerves. He's producing puppies with very good drives and great nerves, too. (More Bandit pictures.)


I'm expecting these two to produce puppies of exceptional temperament with plenty of drive to work but the ability to turn off and make great house dogs. Should have beautiful conformation, strong pigmentation (lots of red!) and lovely heads, big bone, medium to large size--sables, blacks, and dark black and red (like Xita's color).

I'm guessing 9 pups. I'll soon know!

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Era said...

That's so exciting! I can't wait to see the puppies. Good luck!