Monday, February 21, 2011

Nike vs. the Axis of Evil

Oda just tried to pull her newly developed snapping turtle routine on Nike.

Oda was lying on thedog bed with her special Orbee whistle ball, which is extra-special good because it is soft and kinda squishy and makes these excellent sucking noises when you chew it.

Nike started to walk past, not even looking at Oda's ball or bed, and Oda launched forward with a GRRRWRRRR and a gaping mouth of teeth. Nike, who has seen all this before, didn't make a sound, just circled away from Oda, letting the teeth bounce off her ruff and shoulder.*

Nike, being Nike, did her 360 circling routine and seemed to shrug and decide to head back from whence she came, and Oda went back for her bed, but in the process she dislodged her ball, which rolled toward Nike's foot.

Nike, ever quick to seize the advantage, and the ball, scooped it up, despite the landshark's re-launch, and trotted away with ball in mouth.

Oda seeing the failure of her second bluff, watched a bit hopelessly as Nike walked away, ball in mouth, then Oda went back to the bed, picked up a bone, and played with it a second, tossing it in the air and grabbing it with her feet, as if to say, "doesn't matter, my bone is better anyway!"

Nike, meanwhile, has tucked herself in a crate, ball between paws, a sly smile on her face.

Nike is so much win.

*Oda's not biting (as in, closing her jaws/teeth), just launching with mouth open--at 7 months, she doesn't have the gravitas to do this routine for reals, with actual biting, but if she keeps it up, she will eventually get there--she tried it 3 times on her visiting brother Sid this weekend, and the 3rd time ended with Sid's paw on her head and an embarrassed look on Oda's face--very much a "How did that happen???" expression.

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Era said...

Nike knows just how to handle those silly young dogs!

Thanks for updating the puppy pictures. It's hard to believe their round little muzzles and ears will change so much!