Monday, February 14, 2011

Ppictures of Ppuppies

I've created a gallery for the P-litter puppy pictures and will regularly upload pictures there--even if haven't posted about adding new pictures. :)

For now, I'm going to use these names (for fun--probably not final names):

1. Primus: solid black male, first born
2. Pollux: dark red sable male
3. Panther: black sable male

4. Pele: solid black female
5. Petunia: smallest puppy, black sable female
6. Poppy: big bt female
7. Pandora: small bt female
8. Piglet: red sable female (she had the biggest belly yesterday!)
9. Pagan: big black sable female

Look, even Xita rolls her eyes at me!

Everyone's doing great--happy and hungry, sleeping, eating, and sleeping some more. Even Xita!

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Laura M. said...

We were so excited to get your emails! Give Xita an extra pat for us and tell her she has beautiful puppies. Thanks Christine!

Era said...

Congratulations on the healthy litter! They are so adorable. Love the names!