Saturday, January 29, 2011

Happy Goodbyes

Wonderful news! Musket is off to Georgia to be a Search and Rescue dog with Steve, who trained and certified Circe (Coal's littermate). Circe's now getting older and is facing some health issues, so Musket will be stepping right into work--and I think Musket can hardly wait! Hopefully Steve can keep up with him! :)

And driving off with Musket and his new person was Outlaw. Steve's fiancee has a 9 year old therapy dog and has been looking for a new dog to step into that role. She appreciated Outlaw's sweet personality, gentle mouth, and great love of physical contact. I think Outlaw has found her place.

I'm delighted both of them seem to have found their people and will have jobs, doing good things for other people. I hope Steve and Pat have many, many happy years with them both.

Musket and Outlaw--BFF!

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