Sunday, January 16, 2011

Evidence for the 1 Dog Axis of Evil

Blackthorn's Oda
--it's a good thing she's so cute

Yesterday, I bought a new keyboard because after I caught Oda chewing on my glasses, she jumped up on my desk and knocked a soda on the keyboard. Subsequently, the X key no longer made Xxxxx, instead it made Zzzzz. I figured that after it dried out it might work again, but instead, I got neither Xs or Zs.

Sadly, I need all 26 letters of the alphabet, so new keyboard it was.

Earlier in the week, I was very naughty and bought myself a set of weave poles and a new matching collar and agility harness for Oda from CleanRun. So when I got home with the new keyboard, the mail had the new collar and harness. I was totally *glee*--although I am still waiting for the weave poles.

Oda poses with her new collar
So, I got home and slipped the collar on Oda and then tried the harness on. It fit ok, but I wasn't sure if the front loop was too loose (it's not adjustable). I left it on her while I hooked up the new keyboard. But... well.

She was in the room with me!

After reviewing the evidence, I suspect that the front loop was indeed a bit too big for her.

Hey now, I'm trying to take a picture of that!
She looks so remorseful. Don't believe it.

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Era said...

Another reason why pet owners must have a sense of humour! But my goodness, Oda has a beautiful face. All the better to hide her inner rascal, right?