Monday, January 31, 2011

*happy sigh*

My cheeks are sunburned and my lips are chapped. I have a bruise the size of a fist on my right knee where a ram ran into me. I have muck on my pants and boots, and my car smells like sheep poop. I think I may have pulled my trapezius muscle from playing tug with Nash (Inigo) after a successful HRD training search. Lynx thinks that searching for the scent of cadaver is AWSM. Macha thinks that it's *very* interesting but does she really have to give back the stinky tennis ball?

Oda thinks that the sight of fleeing sheep is the best thing since Cats (and I don't mean the musical). Leia (Organa) hugged a ram. TWICE. Jedi has grown up beautiful and talented and very much a momma's boy. 
Jubilee is pretty sure that this lying down thing is just a silly idea of mine and if I would only look away for a second this herding thing could get VERY fun. Hunter has figured out that it's really very easy to make me happy if only she lies down when I ask her too and why didn't I explain that last year?



Sandra said...

How do you actually get into cadaver search. I am so interested in it but I doubt there is anything around here that actually offers it.

Christine said...

Sandra, it depends on where you are--most states have some groups training it.