Sunday, July 4, 2010

Xita x Laruh puppies

Six  Eight brand-new puppies out of my new import V Xita v Ludwigseck, KK1a, SchH1 and V Laruh vom Grafental, KK1a, SchH3--100% DDR bloodlines, bred in Germany.

Xita worked hard lining up puppies last night. She required me to stay in attendance and awake through the night, so I only got about an hour of sleep. Fortunately I have friends visiting this weekend, so I have ample hands to help snuggle the N puppies and more hands to help with all the other myriad chores that spawn around puppies.

First puppy was born at 1:11 and she's had 6 puppies since then. At the moment, there's 4 girls and 2 boys--2 solid black girls, 2 black sable girls, and 2 solid black boys. I think there might be two to three more puppies on the way. I've put in an order for 2 more boys. :)

I just have a few pictures at the moment, but there were at least 4 cameras snapping, so I expect more soon.


Edited to add: last pup born at 8 pm, bringing the total to 9 pups born, 1 stillborn. Final tally:

3 black (very black!) sable girls
2 solid black girls
3 solid black boys

Weights between 13oz and 17 oz

Xita's being an excellent and very loving mother, but she is very, very tired. Look how proud she is, though, of her 4th of July babies!

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