Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Happy 12th Birthday to Nike!

Nike's 12th birthday was July 27th. She celebrated with a car ride to the store and some excellent meaty bones, preceded and followed by some naps on the sofa. She came into my life at 20 months of age, and once she decided she liked me enough to listen to me, there was no turning back.

She's gone from being my fierce little AirNike to being the world's snuggliest dog. I found some pictures recently of her getting her Schutzhund 2 title--I tried to scan them today, but my scanner software keeps borking on me, so it looks like it will take a trip to Kinkos to get them scanned in.

Here's some pictures of her from her years with me. I can only hope that she sticks around a few more years.

Nike -- Ike vom Del U Haus, KK2, SchH2
mother to many much loved puppies, working in SAR, herding, and schutzhund

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