Friday, March 2, 2012

Spring Heat (lamps)

It's gone from quiet around here to a lava pit of brewing hormones. Jubilee and Macha came in heat on Wednesday. And Hunter came in heat today. Xita and Oda will follow at some point in the next few weeks. I've got the girls in heat separated from Xita--I really would like her to please wait another month. For anyone who has been talking to me about reserving a pup from Jubilee, Hunter, or Xita, now is when I'm ready to start accepting deposits. :)

Also, I picked up a box of "hot mail-order chicks" from the post office yesterday morning--so they're out in the kennel building under 2 heat lamps--trying to keep the temperature around 95 degrees for them. So, I took my camera out to get some pictures and I played around with the macro-lens a bit. I couldn't resist spending a few minutes staring into Xita's chocolatey eyes with the macro-lens.

California White chick (macro lens)

A friend and I went in together to get some broiler chicks to raise for our own, home-grown, (somewhat) free-range chicken landfish.

Madagascar Game chick (macro lens)

My friend likes odd chickens and was unable to resist ordering a couple of Madagascar Game Chickens....

Madagascar Game chick (regular lens)
She also wanted some bantam Black Sumatras -- they are adorable and beautiful as chicks--and lovely as adults. 
Black Sumatra chick (regular lens)
 For myself, I got some white egg layers (3 California Whites and 3 Buff Leghorns) and 5 Ameracuanas--which should lay blue or green eggs. They will join my (mostly) free-range flock of mostly Black Copper Marans (who lay lovely dark-brown eggs).

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