Thursday, March 29, 2012


I went out and couldn't resist trying my macro lens again on the flowers of this tree.

My last post of dogs in the snow is quite a discordance when I look out the window at all the grass reaching toward my knees. Somehow, spring happened overnight, and the forsythias bloomed between a Saturday and a Sunday. The trees are flowering, and the old pear near the chicken coops has been shedding its tiny round petals so it looks like it the area has been painted with polka dots.

My goal was to get a decent picture of Jubilee, though, so I asked her to lie down in front of the yellow mass of forsythias.

Lying down, I said, Jubilee!
Jubilee lying in front of the forsythias, ball by her front legs, looking at the camera


After Jubilee got tired of posing for me (about 45 seconds....), Nike came and posed for me, right where I had asked Jubilee to set up. So, I obediently took pictures of the grand dame....


BlackDog's Photographer said...

Beautiful macro shot! Also some very nice photos of Jubilee. Really liking the 3rd one of her laying down. A very pretty lady.

I love this early spring weather.

Christine said...


Dom said...

Spring seems to have sprung over night here too. The dogs seem to be enjoying the sunshine and soft grass.