Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Yet More Quteness!

red collar girl
I was going to make a substantive post, with thoughts and everything, but I decided that it was too hot for extended thinking, so instead, I will just throw you some more puppy pics!

This smile *kills* me.
  The good news is that the boy and the 2 bicolor girls have found excellent working homes.

on a mission for cuddles...
Little sable girl is looking for a nice pet home--she's not as forward and bold as her siblings, so I think life as an active companion will suit her best.

yellow collar girl, green collar boy
 Yellow girl is a real wild-child--bold, athletic, and full of scamper and win, while her brother spends most of his time looking squishably handsome.

As always, additional pictures are in the picture gallery.

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