Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Xita-Laruh Puppies at 12 Weeks


 The O puppies turn 12 weeks old today. Most of them are in their new homes--doing SAR, schutzhund, personal protection, agility, herding, and of course, being best friends to their new people--but I have three still looking for the right homes.

Obsidian has grown in to a gleamingly massive chunk of puppy. He's doing great in his crate training but he likes to tank up on water so it's been fun trying to time his night time walks. He's a very busy fellow and likes to investigate everything personally.


I think he needs an owner who has had a working-type dog before--not so much that Sid needs a job to do, but that he's big and bold and determined... and he thinks he's in charge of everything.

He does listen and learn, though, and if he gets corrected for trying to bear hug the cat, he remembers and the next time he holds back on the bear hug and just licks the cat's ears. Not that the cat appreciates the distinction much--both are equally undesirable!

Obsidian @ 12 weeks

Outlaw @ 12 weeks
Outlaw is a bit more relaxed and a bit less into everything. She still isn't likely to be a great couch potato--but I think she'd be a delight for an active person looking for a canine best friend. She's outgoing and interested in people and shows very nice drives. She's crate trained and settles nicely after only a little bit of fussing.

 As you can see from the pictures, she loves to chase the rag or a ball and is very athletic.

I think she'd be a good candidate for agility or schutzhund or just for hanging out with someone who likes to hike and play ball.

Oda, 12 weeks

The third puppy I still have is the green collar black sable girl who I have named "Oda." She's another puppy who isn't a good candidate for couch potato.

She's showing some significant "forward defense" already--as well as a thorough enjoyment of fence fighting and barrier aggression. She has very high pack drive and is a great companion, but she likes stirring up trouble.

She also loads  in drive as she gets more and more wound up. She'd be a great protection dog and probably a good schutzhund dog if trained with care--but maybe not a "competition" dog. Although she has the prey drive, she's going to really like taking a more serious approach--I think she's going to like looking for a fight.




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