Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Still Alive with Puppy

I've eaten dinner, I crate Lynx and Xita. Tonight's puppy is Oda, so I let her out of the crate where I fed her dinner, then take her out to pee, then we head back inside.

Just 15 more minutes of work to do before I can break for the night, so I sit at my desk. Oda trots by, 8 pages of edited work in her mouth. I thank her for the delivery and ask her to go back for more. Agreeably, she trots back into the TV room and returns with the sat TV remote. I rescue it from her and suggest a tug toy might be a better option. She agrees and hops onto the futon sofa with the tug. I turn back to the computer screen.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see Oda trot by with a shoe. I rescue the shoe and hand her a stuffed sheep with blue legs and fuschia feet. She hops onto the futon with the toy. I grab the rest of my pages from the TV room and sit down at the computer again.

I hear a thump and a plastic noise, Oda trots by with the DVD remote. I rescue it and hand her a tennis ball. She hops onto the futon with the ball. I go back to work, replying to emails. Flint steals the tennis ball. I rescue the tennis ball from Flint. Nike flops beneath the futon, Oda jumps on her head. Wrestling ensues. I go back to the email.

Another odd noise comes from the mudroom. There's Oda with a shoe. I rescue the shoe and hand her the tug again. Futon posing ensues.

Who me?
Oda is to my right now, trying to remove the quilting buttons from the seat of the old office chair. I suggest she do something else, so she grabs an old monitor part and runs off with it. I decide I don't care about the plastic monitor back. But I can see another shoe needs rescuing now. I find a rubber puppy toy and play tug with Oda for a couple of minutes until she distracts herself by grabbing some lint from the trashcan and running off.

Wreaking havoc is *hard work*!
This time I get up from the computer because I hear a clack and a clatter and the television starting up. With a sigh, I get up and go into the TV room. The DVD remote is on the floor.... and Terminator 3 is playing. Oda seems pleased with herself, but I tell her she's not allowed to watch the movie without me. She looks at me, hops over the coffee table and heads off to the futon in the office. With a sigh, I follow her.

The Puppinator.

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