Friday, May 7, 2010

One of THOSE days...

It's 9:30 am, and already it's one of those days.

I don't know what time I fell asleep last night, but I turned my light off at 2 am, only to hear the repeated barking of my dogs out in the kennel. So, I get up, put on some shorts and shoes and go shut Lynx, Jubilee, and Kiva inside the indoor/outdoor kennels. I come back inside and .... don't fall asleep. I know I was awake at 4 am, but sometime after that I slept.

6:30 am, I am woken by Jasper knocking books off the shelf next to my bed. Yelled at cat.
6:35 am, ibid
6:38 am, ibid
6:47 am, ibid

7:30am, am hot, 2 cats sleeping at my back. did not yell. stuck leg out side of blankets
7:36am, hot, sun in my eyes. roll over
7:46am, phone call. friend sick, canceling morning plans; i'd called her and canceled them last night. i don't mention this.
7:48am, jasper, knocking books off shelf, yelled at cat
8:06am, macha in tv room crate, barks once. i get up, let dogs out (Hunter, Coal, Nike, Macha, Ruffian, Flint); Jasper tries to escape
8:08am, let terriers inside to protect me from cats while I try to go back to sleep
8:11am, dogs in yard bark
8:12am, hear sound of truck pulling into yard
8:14am, mowers start up
8:16am, bring dogs back in house so mowers can mow fenced front yard
8:18am, buhhh
8:30am, sit at computer, write check to mowers
8:40am, go outside, see mower do a double take at something he mowed over, give him check, he says he just hit a cable, wanna see?
8:45am, buhhhh
9:01am, brush teeth, turn on tv
9:02am, no tv
9:03am, buhh
9:05am, put on shoes, go look at cut cable. satellite cable severed
9:25am, call DishNetwork, growl at Coal to get out of my face, voice activated system cheerfully decides I want to talk to billing
9:26-9:34am, finally convince cheerful male AI that I really do want technical support. AI cheerfully tries to get me to reboot my satellite box, say REPRESENTATIVE to talk to someone. AI doubts me. REPRESENTATIVE, I growl again. AI repeats, I think you said REPRESENTATIVE, would you like to talk to a REPRESENTATIVE. I visualize punching him. I growl.
9:35am, talk to human, MIRACLES HAPPEN--repair guy can come out Friday. Today, Friday--between 8 and 12 am. This is good. $95. Would I like to sign up for $6 a month and only pay $15 for today's visit? I try maths: 8 years so far, 1 visit so far. 6 x 12 = 36; 3 years = $96 + $15. No, no service plan.

At 2:30, I have a vet appointment to ultrasound Hunter to check whether she's pregnant. I don't think I'm getting back to sleep this morning.

ETA: 9:55am, DishNetwork dispatcher says no go on the 8-12 am, but can do this afternoon. When I'll be at the vet's....
10am, vet appt reschedule for 11!

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