Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Happy 3rd Birthday to Journey and Pirate!

Three years and 4 months and some days ago, I was planning to do a breeding using frozen AI. At the same time, a female GSD I had been a fan of for a few years was scheduled for an AI with frozen semen. Over the years, I have tried for four litters from frozen semen, and only one has worked -- this one three years ago. And of course, this other female GSD got pregnant too!

And that is how I ended up with two lovely girls who couldn't be more different in looks or behavior or attitude, but just four days apart in age -- Journey and Pirate.

Journey turned 3 on Jan 13 and Pirate on Jan 17 (today!), and so I took a few portraits of them to share how they have grown up.

Journey is red sable, compact, small (about 58 pounds now), and lovely in temperament and looks. She has a streak of mischief to her, but her sweet personality and natural love and gentleness with children mean she's a heart stealer.

Pirate is intensely bonded, affectionate, intensely interested in pleasing me (as long as that doesn't mean she can't jump on me), often silly and joyous, yet with a serious side, and no hesitation to let me know what she wants. She's solid black, tall, square-built, about 68 pounds, most of the time. She's got her dad's sweetness and her mom's no-nonsense approach to the things she wants. She's taken a while to grow into her legs, but I think she's finally starting to fill out now that she's three.

Pirate was NOT at all happy with having to stand still for a stacked picture.


Charlotte Brugger said...

Beautiful girls! Happy Birthday to you both.❤️

Charlotte Brugger said...
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