Friday, September 20, 2013

What I Did This Summer

There was frost on my windshield Wednesday morning. I was up early (pre-dawn, omg!) to go herding with Jubilee and Oda. I have been dramatically remiss in updating this summer, and there's no reason other than I was doing stuff with my dogs! Good enough. Still, I took lots of pictures over the summer, and so I'll try to do a quick update.
Leslie and HRD SAR K9 Nash (Nike x Ash - Blackthorn's Inigo)
Back in early May, we had a training weekend in Bath County. Lynx is the dog I was training in HRD work, and he went to live with a friend in Florida in April (he is now doing competitive agility, obed/rally, lure coursing, dock diving, personal protection training, and soon, nosework! He needed more "work" to be happy, and he's in the perfect place for that!)

Lynx and his sister Macy in Florida
I don't even remember June. Things happened. I tried to get the pool to go from jade green to clear blue, with slow, slow progress. The dogs swam nevertheless.

Blitz and Ruffian and Flint
June 30th, the U-litter puppies were born! That always throws everything out of whack for me for a while--it usually involves at least one all-nighter if not two, and it just sucks all my attention for a while like a black hole of puppydom.
Xita and the Uppies
July... wow, I don't even. Life occurred. It was good.
Nemi & Hunter in front; Flint, Blitz, and Coal in back

Nike turned 15 on July 27, so she got cake and pictures with three of her kids:
Birthday cake!
Hunter, Nike, Coal, Jubilee

In August, it was surprisingly fall-like--cooler than normal. But there were a few adventures and the pool stayed blue! Sunny came to visit while she was in heat, and her sister Josie came for a play date. Nemi turned 2 on August 31. Sumo came to visit for a week. And there were puppies....

Sunny (Solstice) and Josie (Sweet Josephine)
Sunny (Solstice) and Josie (Sweet Josephine)
Nemi and Sumo
That brings us up to September. I'll save that for another post!

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