Sunday, June 12, 2011

AKC Rally Trial

Jubilee, for once not insane looking

Aww, she is GOOD GIRL!

It's been a busy few weeks. This weekend I entered my first AKC trial since I got Frost's CD back in, oh, 1997? I entered Jubilee in Rally Novice B--and I wasn't sure how she was going to handle the crowded indoor venue. I know she's never seen that many dogs in one place much less that great a variety of dogs. Well, she did great! I am super happy with her. She took it all in stride--curious and interested in everything going on around her, but not distracted or stressed. This showed in her performance both days--99 points and 2nd place on Day 1 and 100 points and 1st place on Day 2. Good girl!

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