Monday, March 14, 2011

First Day Outside

all 9 pups
These pups are precocious! At four weeks old, they are very active and forward and quite confident. They're rather rough with Xita when nursing--she seems to grit her teeth and then will growl at them and leap into the other half of the box, leaving them to catch up.

The milk bar is FULL!

The wobble boards and wiggle seats have been crawled, walked, and climbed over--they are completely unfazed by changes in surfaces or moving footing. And they make good pillows!

He looks so sweet and innocent here.
Agility training is hard work!
Yesterday was warm and sunny and clear, so I took the pups outside for their first time. Normally puppies seem kind of lost and worried on their first adventure outside, but not these guys--they were only worried about the heat of the sun--and spent a fair amount of time trying to squeeze into the shade.
Look at little Pandora out there trying to get Oda to play with her!

Oda was in *love* with the puppies. She ended up pressed up against the wire, kissing puppy faces and playing footsie with any puppy who would come her way.

Peregrine checks out Oda.
Pele looks for the exit
The puppies have been starting to show more and more of their personalities. Pagan and Pandora are living up to their names--Pagan is really rough and tumble and bold and showing the beginning of prey drive, grabbing and shaking blankets.

Pagan checks out Oda

Pandora is quite the explorer--she gets into everything! Pele is a sweetie-she makes really intense eye contact, demanding you pick her up, then she calms quickly and just enjoys being snuggled.

Petunia is right much smaller than her siblings--but she's still very confident and adventurous--but also really likes being held--she's quite the kisser if you pick her up.

Panther is big and stout and very forward and so is his brother Pollux (who seems to be hiding from the camera this day!)--they don't hesitate to tell me when they're unhappy--big mouths! I think both of them are going to need working homes. (Which is good, because that's where they're headed!)

So far, Primus and Peregrine aren't showing me their personalities--they seem to be asleep a lot of the time. And Piglet.. err, Puma... well, she's still living up to her name--very confident and food motivated.

Puma, Primus, Petunia, and Panther

See the rest of the pictures from this week.


Steve said...


It's great to see the pups and your thoughts on their personalities. It's the first time that I have been able to follow a litter's development, good stuff. So, Pollux and Panther are starting to show who they are. I am really psyched and cannot wait.


Country Girl said...

It's so interesting to see them grow! Thanks for sharing. I'm loving learning and seeing the simularities and differences between the GS and BC pups.

Nancy said...

It is exciting to watch them grow and develop. I am so pleased with all the socialization with people, dogs, toys, etc. They look wonderful. Nancy in Florida