Friday, December 31, 2010

Actual Conversation

hears ruffling sound

"Ruffian, are you being bad?"

I get up and tip-toe toward the tv room. Ruffian sees me, and greets me in the hall with her jazz-hands specialty, up on her hind legs, reaching out with her front paws. She dances.

"Yes, yes, I am! I am bad to the bone!"

She dances more, she leaps, she bounces, she turns circles, all standing up on her hind feet, she can't bear it, and she taps her paws on my legs. 

"I am! I am! Bad, bad, bad dog! 

All bad, no good, just bad to the boowwne!"

"Grrrr!!! Rrrrr! Rrwwwwhuhhhhh!"

"Bad to the bone! Bone?"
She collapses to the floor and wriggles on her back, all paws in the air.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, belly rubs!"

And that's how we roll around here. Belly rubs to you all! 

Happy New Year!


Jenine said...

Belly rubs are always a good thing. aren't they all bad because we spoil them? Rotten???

Me said...

Awwww, yes Belly rubs, they all love Belly rubs. :)