Wednesday, June 9, 2010

N Litter

Last night, Hunter had 3 boys and 2 girls via c-section. They are very large puppies (18 ounces for the biggest and 15.5 for the smallest), and the first in line got stuck and so surgery was necessary. Some of the puppies didn't make it, unfortunately, but I'm very pleased with this very handsome 5 pack. All are black and tan/red, but more info and details will have to wait a bit longer.

I've been up all night because Hunter's momma instincts haven't kicked in (first time moms having c-sections seem to miss some crucial instinctive "switch" that happens when first cleaning off the placentas), so she's not sure about these puppy things. She's letting them nurse as long as I scritch her head, but she doesn't feel like she needs to take care of them yet. So, I'm making sure they get food every hour or so, stay warm at all times (heating pad), and helping them eliminate (which is stimulated by mom's licking [or a warm washcloth] for their first week). Hopefully the instincts will click in as she wakes up more from the anesthesia.

I think Hunter's still a bit stoned, based on her ears in this picture....

Shortly after writing this up, I turned around and saw Hunter with a grin on her face and nuzzling her pups. I think the instincts have clicked in....

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