Saturday, April 3, 2010

Who gets to go?

I think that deciding who gets to go is the hardest part of having multiple dogs. Today I am headed toward Eastern Virginia to go herding and then to celebrate the 17th birthday of Togey, a very special Border Terrier. Seriously, he's having a party and we're going! There will be sheep and agility and swimming and off-leash walks!

In honor of Togey, I would like to bring 11 yr old Nike and my two terriers as well. But I also want to bring Musket for socialization, and then I have to bring my herding girls (Jubilee, Hunter, Kiva) so they can play with sheep. That makes for a very full truck! But it's doable.

Until you add in the fact that I'm coming home with 2 Border Collies...

Gotta make sure I bring my camera...

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