Monday, February 22, 2010

Agility Grand Victrix Blackthorn's Deva -from Oct. 18, 2009

I got this email from a proud owner-this is a puppy that I bred back in 2003-my D litter. Following the German style, I alphabetize my litters--so first litter was A (2 pups), next B, etc.


Deva and I left Tuesday morning for Springfield, Ohio to compete in Agility at the 2009 German Shepherd Dog Club of America National Speciality. We went in needing 2 more Double Q's for our MACH 2. For my non doggie, non agility friends...that means we had to have 4 perfect runs! :-)
We went clean in both rounds the first day, along with a Q in the game class FAST.
8 other teams also went clean, which meant we were all now in line to win the GSDCA 2009 Agility Victor/Victrix award. This award is determined by the team having the fastest time with the most double Q's. 4 teams were still clean by the second round the last day. Someone mentioned to me just before that last run that could get your MACH 2 and also win Agility Victrix award. Sure, no pressure!! :-)
Deva is happy to say that I didn't make her look bad and after that last round she is now...

GSDCA 2009 Agility Victrix

She was awesome! In spite of my little bit tentative handling on Thursday instead of the usual Steeplechase go for the money style... she ran amazingly well!! I am so proud of her!!

Here is the link to some photos. In the Agility folder, go to Wed Excellent Standard 24 inch. Her pics are #154-#163.
In Jumpers Excellent 24 inch her pics are #64-#68. There aren't any photos of Thursdays runs.
There are a bunch of pictures of Deva and me with judge David Hirsch. Page 7 in Casual+Ribbon Photos pic #58-87.

Thanks for letting us share our good news!!
Have a great day!!
Sheli and Deva

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