Saturday, January 24, 2009

L-Litter Born - Jan 22, 2009

3:40 am -- sable male, 14 oz

5:10 am -- bicolor male, 15.5 oz

More to come--but Danca thinks she's all good, she's got 2 babies, she's done. HAHAHAHAA.

She's doing well--not stressed now she's got babies to care for. She's done this all before. She's very watchful and careful with the pups--she wouldn't get up and push hard on the 2nd boy until I held the first one safe out of the way. And while she's pushing, she's got one eye on the pup in my hands.

Two ninja births, almost twins, while I'm dozing on the futon. I hear her cleaning them and get up to see these two big boys still very wet.

6:45 am (ish) -- bicolor male, 15.5 oz, very solid looking, bits of white on the soles of his feet

6:55 am -- bicolor male, 15 oz

2-3 more to go. What are the odds the next on will be a girl? 50/50 Come'on little girls!

9:25 am -- bicolor girl, 15 oz

Danca is very happy with her brood--she'd like to be done now, kthx.

Ruffian is glued to the edge of the puppy pen--she's never seen anything so amazing in her life.

9:50 -- sable girl, 10 oz

Aww, Danca did good. I'm hoping she's done now, not sure yet. The last one was the easiest--a little sable girl like mom herself.

The 2 last-born pups are on the right--the sable female and the bicolor female. You can see the size difference--she's little, but she seems strong and is nursing well. Next to her is the firstborn sable boy--he's quite solid.

I'll see about getting more, better, pictures later. I'm going to take a nap right now.

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