Friday, June 6, 2008

A view around my house

Everyone thinks Jack Russells are hyper, but this is a typical view around my house:

The other night, Ruffian came in from the rain and decided to dry herself off. This is what I saw on the sofa:

There's a Ruffian in there!

The puppies started squeaking so she struggled to free herself so she could see what they were doing:

She is in love with the puppies. As they were being born, I let her smell my hands and she wriggled and bowed and then rolled over with joy at the smell of them and the desire to play with them. It was such a graphic demonstration of the strength of the canine sense of smell... and of her instinctive reaction to puppies (now that she's older and no longer thinks they're rodents!).

Here's her peeking at the puppies from the other angle:

Momma and babies are doing well. Here are some pics of them at about 5 days old, fat and strong and well loved by their mom.

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